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Yes, you can be a homeowner
The news is full of negatives about housing market slowdowns, mortgage stress tests that shut millennials out of homeownership, low inventory, a slowing economy – it goes on. Although it may seem...
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Don't you want to save money???
Everyone is busy and looking for ways to make life easier and quicker. It might seem like one way to do that is to just sign up with your existing bank or credit union when you start to look for a...
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Assembling Your Home Buying Team
Projects tend to be more successful when there is a great team working together. You could look at purchasing a home as a big project. It is probably the biggest financial investment you will ever...
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Anatomy of mortgage changes
There is little doubt that housing sales have slowed down in the past year, due in large part to stricter mortgage regulations. Part of those regulations is a mortgage stress test that requires...
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